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Two years into establishing a Prineville presence, Baker Technical Institute (BTI) is looking for more local expansion opportunities and considering a permanent site in town.

There has been a lot of talk about a “cashless” society, but it’s not here yet. In fact, cash can still be a valuable element of your overall financial picture – if you employ it wisely. But how?

Every Child Central Oregon, a nonprofit organization founded in 2019 dedicated to improving the lives of children and families impacted by foster care throughout Central Oregon, has received a $10,000 grant from Meta through its Data Center C…

In Tillamook County, the lack of workforce housing is a major stressor for Heather Zwald Taksdal. As a business owner, she struggles to recruit employees because there is simply no housing in the community.

This article brought to you courtesy of Carriage Place Assisted Living, Central Oregonian Insider Senior Living Expert. Sponsored content.

Oregon’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.4% in March, down from 4.7% in February. For the past 20 months since August 2021, Oregon’s unemployment rate has remained relatively steady and near historic lows. The unemployment rate averaged 4.3% i…

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If you’ve done any estate planning, or even if you’re just familiar with it, you probably know the basics — that is, a comprehensive estate plan can help you pass on assets to your family while also achieving other goals, such as designating …

What if floodplain soil could soak up water in early spring then release it back to the river at colder temperatures later in the summer when aquatic wildlife and irrigators need it most?

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An emergency fund can help you prepare for a temporary job loss or early retirement, or pay for large home or auto repairs, sizable medical bills and other needs