Well, we made it through the Christmas season, when the western world pretends for a minute that "all our troubles will be out of sight." We survived the ridiculousness known as the Golden Globe Awards and a few more COVID variants. And, if you're reading this column, the latest apocalypse prediction did not materialize, so we all need to figure out how to scotch-tape our souls together and get along until the actual rescue happens. Add in all this sunshine, and the week is off to a decent start. If we can endure the national debt ceiling puzzle for a few more days, we'll be good and ready to kick back, enjoy some great food and cheer for our favorite team during Sunday's Super Bowl LVII! What's that, you say? Do you still need to plan your Super Bowl menu? Uh Oh.

Well, no need to panic. There's still time to pull together these ingredients for some salmon chowder to make your gameday fans drool with delight. Whether their team comes from the east or west coast, this easy chowder will make your house the favorite game-day hang-out!

Holly McLane is a Powell Butte resident. She can be reached at: mclanefarm@gmail.com.