Crook County Parks and Recreation District

Your Board of Directors of Crook County Parks and Recreation is so grateful (and exhausted) as we close in on the final days of finding a new executive director. We are pretty excited, as our final three contenders for the position were of such high quality that any one of them could be a success. We have so many people to thank. Bob Keefer and Teri Dresler from Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) were our consultants in the recruitment process. We truly could not have done our work without them and their resources. We ended up with 27 applications for the position, some from as far away as Florida and South Carolina. Who knew that so many people wanted to come to work for Parks and Rec in tiny Prineville! It made us proud.

We also want to thank our staff, who smiled through extra work, expert planning and gracious hosting of our final three candidates. They always make us look good, and we are especially grateful for their extra efforts.